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Join Our Squad

Want to help your community and experience the thrill of responding to 911 calls? Looking for some first hand experience for a career in healthcare or firefighting? Consider joining our squad. We are always looking for new members. Time commitment for operational members is just 48 hours a month (usually split into four 12 hour shifts). We're the envy of many for our flexible, laid back, but fun and well run squad.

Already an EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic? Joining is easy. Want to become one? We offer free 16 week EMT training you can complete after work or school. If that doesn't work, EMT training is also offered locally at Tidewater Community College including weekend and intensive 18-day (Mon-Fri 8 to 5) options.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us via the form below or stop by the station!

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